Podcast with author Veronica Henry

In this episode of A Window On North Devon we talk to local author Veronica Henry. Veronica is a romantic novelist, who tells stories about love and relationships that are often set in North Devon. She started her writing career on radio working on The Archers, before moving into television and writing for Holby City, Heartbeat and many more. Veronica then became a popular novelist with 15 book published to date. She now resides in the setting of many of her books and live the lifestyle she gives to many of her characters.

During the podcast we talk about her job writing for big name TV shows, how she discovered her talent for storytelling and what she enjoys about living in North Devon. We also ask her some questions that only North Devonians will know the answer too and Jim reads the opening of a novel he has written for her.

Veronica's latest book How To Find Love in a Book Shop is out now and all of her books are available from her website, www.veronicahenry.co.uk.