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AluSpace Interior Doors and Screens

At Woodstock Windows, we have seen the requirements of our customers evolve and change over many years as properties have changed. One of the fastest moving areas of change in our business has been the growing demand for interior screening systems, especially for modern and contemporary properties. Traditional stud and plaster walls no longer feel right in bright and airy modern homes with clean finishes, to create individual environments within a larger space, interior screening systems are the solution.

AluSpace internal screening systems are a great solution for creating different spaces within one large open space. As an example, if you have a large open plan home and want to create an office space that provides an acoustic barrier without block walls, the internal screening systems are the perfect solution. They allow you to retain the appearance of large open spaces, remove the need for reducing the open space with traditional stud walls and allow a new space to be created. The new space then benefits from natural light flooding through, provides an acoustic barrier and a private space and removes the need for costly renovations to a property.

The AluSpace internal screening systems offer a flexible solution with a range of fixed glazed screens as well as alternative door options to transform internal spaces into functional environments whilst retaining the appearance of open plan living and working. The door options include hinged single and double doors, sliding doors and pivot doors. The screen system provides a huge range of flexibility and can be designed to fit virtually any space within a home.

The systems are designed to have minimalistic aesthetic intrusion and to maximise glass coverage to allow the maximum amount of light to pass through and to create a seamless space. There are a large range of colour options available and contemporary, industrial and modern door and window furniture to suit all styles and to match your existing exterior windows and doors. At Woodstock Windows, we can help you or your architect design a solution that fits in with your current property to create a modern solution that require minimal intrusion and solves your problem.

For more information about our AluSpace internal screening systems, please contact Woodstock windows or call 01271 866802 to discuss the specific requirements of your design needs.