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Reynaers Aluminium Sliding Doors

Reynaers Aluminium have a stunning range of floor to ceiling sliding door systems made with aluminium frames that offer sliding patio doors up to a maximum height of 3.5m in double or triple glazed options. These include the effortless lift and slide mechanisms or even motorised doors with a fully automated system so that opening and closing these huge doors is effortless.

The range includes the Hi-Finity sliding patio doors made from aluminium that offer wall to wall glass and a full floor to ceiling solution where there is an ultra sleek and minimalistic design that allows minimum frame intrusion into your view.  The doors are structurally glazed, this means that they form part of the structure and do not require the frame to be the main structure. That allows the designs to incorporate an ultra slim frame to maximise the amount of glass to be used.

The MasterPatio aluminium sliding doors range go to 3.7m high with ultra slim profiles and have high insulation properties and incorporate a lift and slide mechanism that makes moving the doors effortless. The most popular range for our customers in North Devon has been the CP 130 sliding aluminium doors. They have high weather performance which is important in our area, especially for coastal properties. The doors are available in heights up to 2.7m and come with the lift and slide option which is hugely popular. They also have the option of a new corner system that allows two sides of a room to be opened up without the need for a corner post.

The CP 155 range offers superior insulation levels and is available for a height of up to 3m and is perfect for low energy buildings and is certified with a Minergie label. f you want to have maximum light in your home with minimum energy loss and industry leading insulation, this is the perfect choice. The entire range comes with a great selection of patio door furniture made from stainless steel with handles that offer burglar proof protection. There are a large number of designs offering you or your architect a design solution that matches your property.

For more information about the Reynaers Aluminium sliding doors, please do not hesitate to contact Woodstock Windows. We have installed a large number of these large aluminium sliding doors across North Devon and we feel that they are class leading in terms of their quality and design. Please do not hesitate to contact us on 01271 866802.