Podcast with Exmoor Zoo's Education Officer Stephen Eddy

It isn’t very often that you find yourself recording a podcast in a room full of snakes. This is exactly where we found ourselves when we went to interview Stephen Eddy the educational officer at Exmoor Zoo of our A Window On North Devon podcast. 

Stephen wanted to be zoo keeper since a very young age but was told that he had very little chance of success. However, he went on to prove that it could be done and in the episode he tells us about his journey. During our conversation we find out why a cockroach is his favourite in the Zoo and if the Beast of Exmoor is real. 

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Stephen is full of knowledge about all the animals in the Zoo and talks passionately about the role Zoos play in the education of the public. We were surprised to learn that the rise of the mobile phone is affecting the wild Gorilla population dramatically but in way that we never expected.

We would thoroughly recommend a trip to Exmoor Zoo as it is a great place to meet a wide range of animals and find out more about them. The zoo has a divers collection of animals from Wallabies to Giant African Snails. They also house an impressive collection of Big Cats and Primates.  During the podcast you will learn about how the zoo is  taking part in important conservation work and breeds animals that haven’t been bred successfully in captivity before. 

Exmoor Zoo is located near Bratton Flemming and is open 362 days a year. 

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